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We all agree that we need to improve users experience interacting with DApp to onboard the next billion web3 users
About AXIR Wallet

We have launched a programmable, modular, self-custodial Smart Contract Wallet to reduce the friction of onboarding new users to the web3 sphere.

We have launched a programmable, modular, self-custodial Smart Contract Wallet to reduce the friction of onboarding new users to the web3 sphere.

Our mission at AXIR is to provide a secure, user-friendly, and affordable web3 wallet that enables individuals and businesses to seamlessly manage their digital assets.

By combining cutting-edge technology with a user-centric approach , we strive to become the most trusted and preferred wallet for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, bridging the gap between traditional finance and the decentralized future

Best solutions for your digital

Safe and secure smart contract wallet

We are using a multi-party computation (MPC) key management network that splits and secures user keys. We believe in the potential of decentralized infrastructure. We have taken a definitive step towards true decentralization.

Affordable and transparent transactions

Using a crypto wallet with the lowest fees can significantly enhance your trading experience and maximize your profits. Buy crypto with a debit or credit card or bank account using the best on and off ramp solution on the market.

Enhanced User Experience

By simplifying onboarding, and introducing greater flexibility, we pave the way for broader web3 adoption. As we continue to evolve, AXIR wallet stand as a crucial pillar, making self-custody more user-friendly, efficient, and accessible.

Empowering Account Abstraction

Account Abstraction addresses all known limitations by unifying Externally Owned Accounts and Contract Accounts, making user accounts programmable. We are now able to incorporate custom logic into accounts, such as MFA, social recovery, gasless transactions, transaction bundling, and integration with external services.

Benefits of working with AXIR Wallet

Reward Offerings 

We offer Wallet offers an extensive and competitive benefits package to ensure that we prioritize your well-being and address what is most important to you.

Established in the Decentralized Technology Landscape

Employment at AXIR Wallet serves as a valuable endorsement for your professional journey. By becoming a part of our team, you'll gain access to a diverse network of entrepreneurs and technologists spanning the worldwide crypto ecosystem.

Flexible Time Off

We offer flexible time offs to prioritize rest and rejuvenation, fostering a healthy work-life balance for all AXIR Wallet employees. Furthermore, we collectively observe "zero productivity" days across the company, where we encourage everyone to step away from work, unwind, and enjoy some leisure time.

Versatile Work Setups

With our diverse global team, we've honed our approach to asynchronous work, allowing for considerable flexibility in both the timing and methods of our collaboration.

Work from Home

You'll become part of a globally distributed team, offering a unique chance to collaborate with individuals hailing from six different continents.

Ownership Stake

We advocate for ownership and aim for everyone to have a vested interest in our future achievements. That's why you'll be granted equity upon joining our team.

Ongoing Development & Possibilities.

We offer continuous growth and advancement opportunities through hands-on learning experiences, as well as participation in the AXIR Wallet Knowledge Center, where you can explore our Knowledge Center and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Web3, where endless learning opportunities await.