The launch of AXR token

We will make AXIR Wallet
available to everyone,
and simultaneously introduce  AXR token

We are delighted to share the exciting news that alongside the public release of AXIR Wallet, we will also be launching AXR token.
AXR token serves the dual purpose of rewarding AXIR Wallet users and facilitating governance. While it will initially be launched on Polygon, there are plans to establish a bridge to Ethereum for seamless integration.

The launch of the AXR token is scheduled to take place in Q1 2024, followed by its listing on various Centralised and Decentralised EXchanges.

Axir wallet

What is AXIR Wallet?

AXIR Wallet is a mobile app non-custodial wallet, also known as a self-custody wallet, means that ONLY the users has complete control over their private keys and funds. AXIR Wallet is an innovative crypto wallet that stands at the forefront of the next generation of digital wallets. Powered by Account Abstraction, it leverages cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way users interact with cryptocurrencies. The major purpose of AXIR Wallet is to make the world of cryptocurrency convenient and accessible to all.
By incorporating smart contract functionality, AXIR Wallet enables users to securely manage their digital assets. The wallet’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface ensure a seamless experience for both newcomers and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
Comprehensive tokenomics model for
AXR crypto project

Token Name• •


Initial Token Supply• •


Token Type:• •

Type: ERC-20

AXR Allocations:
AXR Presale and Listing Prices:
The token would be launched in 3 rounds: Private Sale for Angel or Seed Investors, Public Sale or Launchpad and DEX Listing. The Token Prices based on the allocation, funds distribution and initial discounts would be posted as:
Private Sale Price
$ 0.000925
Public Sale Price
$ 0.000925
Listing Price
$ 0.001000
At token launch (TGE), around 2.17% of the supply will be in circulation, 1.1% from the initial presale rounds, 0.35% from unlocked airdrops and rewards, and 0.73% that are in holdings of AXIR teams.
AXR Allocations:

P2P Remittance :

AXR tokens could be swapped to fiat through peer to peer mode of transactions which would free the users of relying on banks.

Staking :

AXR holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards such as interest, additional AXR

Governance :

AXR holders can vote on and participate in governance proposals to influence the platform’s development and features.

Premium Features :

AXR holders can access premium features and enhanced functionalities by holding a certain amount of AXR or subscribing to a premium plan

Third-party DApps

AXR will be integrated into third-party DApps to expand its utility and reach.
AXR Stakeholders and Fees Distribution

The fee collection is the main source of revenue in our ecosystem before other streams are designed.

AXR Fund : 0.08% of the transaction is deducted when exchanging fiat for AXR. These charges are collected in AXR.
AXR Withdrawal : 0.28% of the transaction will be deducted when exchanging AXR for fiat. These charges are collected in AXR.
AXR TX  : 0.02% of the transaction will be deducted when transferring AXR tokens between 2 wallets. These charges are collected in AXR.
AXR Staking  : 0,2% of the claimed AXR will be deducted from the user while claiming.These charges are collected in AXR
AXR Swaping  : 0,2% of the swaping transaction. These charges are collected in AXR.

Swap Fee


Fund Fee


Withdrawal Fee


Transfer Fee


Staking Reward Claim Fee


Revenues generated through AXIR Wallet will be distributed across 3 stakeholders to provide support and growth to the ecosystems.

Company Treasury:

This represents AXR that is owned by the company that comes from the proceeds of sales of company owned assets. 60% of token collection goes to AXR Revenue Contracts (Company Treasury)

Staking Pool:

Is designed to provide a yield and value to token holders. 30% of the collected fees will go to the Staking Pool as rewards for token holders that Stake AXR tokens.

DAO Pool:

The token allocation of the foundation pool. 10% goes to a future DAO Pool. The community members hence can decide how to utilize the funds generated for the welfare of the AXR ecosystem.
Deflationary Mechanisms

Implement deflationary mechanisms such as Token Burning:

A portion of the fees collected will be burned periodically, reducing the overall token supply