User-friendly Interface

How to bring the next billion users to web3 ?

Without making web3 more user-friendly, people have little incentive to switch from the web2 apps they use every day. With that in mind, AXIR Wallet introduce significant changes that pave the way for wide web3 adoption.

Based on Account Abstraction AXIR wallet become a clear and obvious choice to improve user interactions with EVM platforms.

AXIR Wallet is significantly improving the user experience by making it more user-friendly, less confusing, and more accessible, especially for those new to the Web3.

We make each step simpler

Crafted with an intuitive Web3 interface for seamless user interaction.

AXIR Wallet introduced significant changes that pave the way for wide web3 adoption.

User friendly crypto wallet

Simplifying Onboarding & Authorisation

Streamline the onboarding process to be intuitive and accessible for everyone, whether they are newcomers to cryptocurrency or experienced enthusiasts. We implement various authentication methods to ensure that user experience remains straightforward.

Removing Frictions

Allowing gas fees to be paid with any ERC20 tokens, will simplify transaction process, and reduce the occurrence of failed transactions. Making the process more user-friendly and efficient we can also facilitate in certain conditions, gasless transactions thru paymaster.

Plug & play modules

Tap into our store of pre-configured, and bespoke modules to elevate and scale your wallet’s capabilities. This collection is continuously expanding, offering versatile solutions that cater to a wide range of requirements, allowing you to customise and extend your application’s functionality with ease.