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When you stake your crypto, you’re not only expanding your portfolio, but also contributing to the security of blockchain networks for all users.

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Projected profits based on current APR *

NativeEvmos          %31


Available assets for staking
APR 13.77%
APR 14.76%
APR 5.47%
APR 4.78%

NativeEvmos   APR 31.44%

NativeEvmos   APR 31.44%

Stargaze   APR 21.88%

Kava   APR 6.7%

Terra Classic   APR 15%

Kusama   APR 15.06%

NativeInjective APR 14.07%

Osmosis   APR 8.73%

CryptoOrg   APR 6.06%

NEAR   APR 7.54%

Stride   APR 3.19%

Tezos   APR 0.8%

Sui   APR 3.7%

Tron   APR 5.06%

Cardano   APR 4.69%

Juno   APR 18.85%

Akash   APR 13.19%

Agoric   APR 9.55%

Axelar   APR 8.45%

Ethereum   APR 3.73%

Sei   APR 3.53%

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