The most reliable method for accessing, storing, and exchanging your tokens.

Just Swap

Swap tokens directly from AXIR Wallet. The Swaps feature integrates information from Decentralized Exchange (DEX), market makers, to guarantee you receive the optimal price with minimal network fees.

What it Does?

AXIR Wallet Unlike other crypto wallets is built to be privacy-first oriented. Whether you’re participating in Decentralized finance, or using Web 3.0 applications, with AXIR Wallet, you are always in complete control of your data.

Why choose to Swap with AXIR Wallet?

Discover the optimal price consistently

Swaps ensures constant access to a wide range of coins and tokens at the most competitive prices. A service fee of 0.35% is automatically included in each quote, contributing to continuous development aimed at enhancing AXIR Wallet.

Lowered gas expenses

We take a distinct approach to finding the optimal trade. Each route entails different gas fees to execute the transaction. Swaps identifies the best prices and determines the most gas-efficient liquidity source for each trade.

Protection Against Slippage

Significant swaps can experience substantial price fluctuations when there’s inadequate liquidity on a specific DEX. AXIR Wallet spreads orders across nearly all DEXs to mitigate the impact of slippage on the final price.

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